The Academy offers entrance assessment and pre-employment testing for Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Dispatch Communications and Corrections candidates.

Law Enforcement

POST Written - Pellet B Exam
In order to gain entry into a Basic Police Academy - Intensive Course (or the Basic Police Academy Modular Level One Course), you will  need to take and receive passing scores for the POST Entry-level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB).

For preparation of the Pellet B Exam, below are some reccommended study guides.
Physical Agility - WSTB Exam
You will also need passing scores from the WSTB Physical Agility test. 
Physical Agility - WSTB Practice Session
The Academy offers an instruction and practice session for the WSTB which is scheduled and charged separately from the main exam. 

National Testing Network

Some of our Law Enforcement agencies use the National Testing Network's pre-employment written test administered by The Academy. If you need to register for the NTN Exam please click here to view test information, upcoming test dates or to make a reservation.

Written Test Resources
The following websites provide practice tests and skills training to assist in student success.

Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training

Police Test Tutors

Fire Services

The National Testing Network's pre-employment written test is administered by The Academy and is a testing instrument that may be required by certain fire agencies for which you are applying.

Dispatch Communications

POST Written Dispatch test

While the following tests are not required in order to register for The Academy’s Basic Dispatcher or Basic Dispatcher-Extended courses, agencies to which you may be applying might require a T-score from the POST Entry-level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery.

Click​ ​here ​to​ view Written Dispatch exam information​ and upcoming test dates, or to make a reservation. 

Criticall Dispatch test

In addition, the CritiCall Test may be required by some agencies. Examinees may want to use the exam as a valuable hands-on tool to evaluate their abilities and overall interest in a career as a public safety dispatcher.

Click here to view Criticall Dispatch test information, upcoming test dates or to make a reservation.