The South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium Instructor Development Courses are components of the POST Instructor Development Institute (IDI) – created to provide multi-level, multi-track programs to develop professionalism in the delivery of law enforcement instruction. At each level of the IDI, instructors develop their skills to facilitate and design police training that creates opportunities for students to critically practice new skills, take responsibility for their own learning, and transfer these skills directly to their jobs back home. South Bay Regional’s Instructor Development Courses are engaging, active, and provide instructors with ample in-class opportunities to revise and improve the training courses they teach.

South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium offers Levels I and II of the IDI. Level I is the Academy Instructor Certification Course (AICC), which is open to all instructors, not just those teaching in the basic academy. Level II consists of the Intermediate Instructor Development Course and the Instructional Technology Course.

View our available IDI Courses below:

Academy Instructor Certification Course (AICC)

POST Instructor Development Level II

IDI Instructor Technology Course