The Academy’s mission is to meet the educational and training needs of public safety students within the areas represented by the participating community college districts. Courses offered must meet a regional need of either small or large public safety agencies. Courses will also be carefully articulated with lower division academic programs and upper division transfer degree programs. Liaison will be maintained with the Region Six “Public Safety Training Committee” which is charged with the development of regional facilities and technology for skill development.

The mission will be accomplished in an effective and efficient manner to ensure the highest quality training for public safety professionals.


The Academy’s goal is to enhance the quality of instructional programs by improving instructional delivery through the use of technology such as computer hardware, software, interactive video systems, simulators and other innovative technological equipment.

  • Provide an open and supportive teaching/learning environment conducive to cultural and ethnic diversity, lifestyle and ability differences for all students and promote access by historically under-represented populations.
  • Support an environment within which the importance of each student as well as independent, intellectual maturation is encouraged.
  • Increase public access to courses, which will benefit the general public as well as support the public involvement objectives of public safety agencies.
  • Articulate courses and programs with all state-certifying authorities including the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), the State Board of Corrections, Standards for Training and Corrections, the California Office of the State Fire Marshal and the California State Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Articulate courses and programs with state and local professional associations including the Administration of Justice Coordinator’s Association, The California Academy Director’s Association, The California Association of Administration of Justice Educators, the California Fire Educator’s Association, and the various training officer associations of public safety, both local and regional.
  • Work cooperatively with the “Region Six Training Committee” to support the stated objectives of this committee in the funding of shared regional skill development facilities as well as improved application of technology for public safety training.
  • Encourage additional college districts to become involved with South Bay Regional for the purpose of enhancing the funding base, improving efficiency and eliminating duplication of effort.
  • Encourage the development of regionally shared facilities, eliminate the duplication of effort and redundancy, and provide the safest and most cost-efficient strategy for delivery of training programs.

Program Priorities

Priorities for the funding of instructional programs of South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium are as follows:


Courses which provide initial certification or training in the public safety disciplines of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire Technology, Probation, Dispatch, and Emergency Medical Services.


State-mandated courses that meet the needs of regional agencies for “Continuing Professional Development,” promotional, transitional or specialized courses.


Agency-specific courses or discretionary training.