We are proud to present the POST Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) training program at The Academy.  The ICI program makes advanced, cutting-edge training available to working criminal investigators of California’s law enforcement agencies, providing the practical skills and knowledge necessary for today’s rapidly changing world.

This program is useful for all investigators regardless of their experience level.  The Core and Foundation Specialty courses use the adult experience-based techniques of learning and require a high level of student participation inside and outside the classroom setting. The POST Robert Presley Institute offers a Certificate program which requires students to successfully complete the Core Course, at least one Foundation Specialty course and three related Elective Courses. The Academy offers the Core Course, eight Foundation Specialty Courses including: Child Abuse, Financial Crimes, Homicide,  Robbery, Sexual Assault, Officer Involved Shootings, Human Trafficking and Vice, as well as many of the elective courses.

For more information, application forms and a complete list of ICI courses and presenters, please see POST’s Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation web page.

Upcoming ICI Courses:

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