President's Message

Linda Vaughn, President, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium

Greetings from Coyote Valley! 

This is a busy time for public safety and the Academy. The Summer was a tough season for our fire fighters and with Fall considered the high fire season, relief doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon.  The Academy is dedicated to supporting our industry partners, as they are deployed to assist in other areas of the country while continuing to service our communities here at home, as well.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them to stay safe as they fight the good fight.

South Bay has been at our new site for over a year now and has settled in well. We are in full swing at Coyote Valley with the Intensive Police Academy, Modular Police Academy, Pre-Academy for Fire Fighter 1, and EMT Academy in session concurrently. Additionally, we have a full suite of Dispatch Academies, Field Training Officer courses, ICI Courses, Supervisory and Management courses, and State Fire Training Track courses scheduled through the end of the calendar year. All Academies and sites are running fully enrolled in an effort to meet the industry needs for quality line personnel.

2018-19 promises to provide additional opportunities and challenges. We continue to work with our Agency partners, POST and State Fire Training to identify facilities for career development and continuous professional training for all public safety disciplines. South Bay has been engaged at the State level to address course development and delivery, funding, and legislative changes occurring now, as well as those to come that will have an impact on public safety training and education. We have been involved with the Bay Region Joint Venture in convening work groups from the various public safety disciplines to identify regional needs, and the subsequent delivery of courses to increase the number of State Fire Certified Instructors and Evaluators for the new Fire Fighter 1 curriculum, and development of a law enforcement marketing campaign targeting candidates at a younger age. The work is far from over, and South Bay is in it for the long haul.

If you’ve come by the Academy lately, you may have noticed that we have undergone some restructure of the organization to create internal efficiencies and better serve our students, partners and colleges. Expect to see more changes and improvements as we evolve with the changing landscape of public safety training and education. If you haven’t been by recently, we invite you to stop by and see the changes we have implemented as well as take a look at the quality recruits on campus. 

As always, we thank our agency partners for their steadfast support and look forward to working together to maintain and enhance the quality of public safety professionals in the Bay Area and the State.

Linda Vaughn
South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium