The Academy In-Service Law Enforcement Program is designed to assist agencies in keeping personnel current with Continued Professional Training (CPT) and State and POST mandates for Perishable Skills training. South Bay has consistently offered assistance with POST certification of agency presented courses. In January 2002 POST implemented the Perishable Skills Program (PSP). This training requires all law enforcement personnel to complete a minimum of 14 hours of specific training within a 24 month period. PSP is comprised of 4 areas of training:

  • Tactical Firearms 4 hour minimum
  • Arrest & Control 4 hour minimum
  • Driver Training & Awareness 4 hour minimum
  • Tactical / Interpersonal Communication 2 hour minimum

The Academy has developed a PSP Course that strictly adheres to the POST content requirements that can be delivered to all agencies within the Region. In addition we have individual course certification to design instructional clusters to meet agency needs.

Our curriculum specialists are available to create EVOC, Defensive Tactics and Firearms courses tailored to individual agency needs that meet or exceed POST requirements for PSP and CPT credit.

The Academy is also the regional provider for mobile simulator training. Both the Driver Training Simulator and the Force Options Simulator are available for scheduled delivery to most any location. The instruction provided in both simulators is fully subsidized by POST and meets the 4 hour PSP requirements (No cost to agencies, backfill approved for all Police Personnel. Reserves and Dispatchers do not qualify for the POST funding. Agency fees for these employees are determined on a case by case basis.).

For more information on the Perishable Skills Program, please contact Jimmy Hoag at, Perishable Skills Program Coordinator.


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