Fire Fighter Academy Preparation Class Registration Checklist

Step 1Documentation:

All documents need to be in PDF format and must be scanned as an individual file (you can download PDF Photos app to convert .jpg to .pdf if using your phone to take pictures of your cards).

  1. Copy of your valid CA driver’s license, or other government-issued photo ID
  2. Copy of your valid (front and back) medical insurance card; you must have coverage for the duration of the class
  3. Copy of your Auto Insurance; you must have coverage for the duration of the class
  4. Resume
  5. Copy of your valid First-Aid/CPR Card (front and back)
  • If you are currently attending our Public Safety First Aid, AED, CPR Course, upload your course receipt in substitute.
  • The First-Aid/CPR card requirement will be waived if you are registered as an EMT, upload your EMT certification card in substitute

Step 2 – Payment

Once the above items are received and upon acceptance into the class, the Fire Program Staff Assistant will contact you. Be prepared to pay the course fee of $85.50 to secure your reservation. This fee does not include the books you will need for the course.

Step 3 – Required Textbooks, Equipment & Material

Upon acceptance into the class, students will need to secure the following items. All items are required on day one of the Fire Fighter Preparation Class.


  1. Firefighter Candidate Exams (Barrons)
  2. The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide (Chief Steve Prziborowski)
  3. Firefighter Functional Fitness (Dan Kerrigan & Jim Moss)

Equipment & Material

  1. Students will need a computer or internet access for course assignments away from class.
  2. Workout mat (black or navy blue exercise yoga mat) for physical fitness training and stretching activities.
  3. PT Attire (shorts, t-shirt, running shoes) – no visible tattoos or body modifications/piercings are allowed to be shown in PT attire