Probation Officer

The Probation Officer investigates and analyzes cases, writes reports and makes recommendations to the courts, enforces orders of the courts, and supervises probationers (both adult and juvenile) who are under the jurisdiction of the courts and/or county probation departments.

Probation Officers are required to complete the Probation Officer Core course as mandated by the Board of State and Community Corrections.

The Academy Probation Officer Core course consists of 200 hours of entry level training that meets the mandates of the Corrections Standards Authority. Curriculum includes: California Criminal Justice System, Confidentiality and Release of Information, Juvenile Detention Decisions, Information Gathering for Written Records and Interviewing, Restitution and Fines, Court Reports and Presentations, Establishing a Casework Relationship, Providing Counseling and Assistance, Monitoring and Responding to Probationer Performance and Officer Safety.

For most counties in the Academy training region, the following is required for a position as an Probation Officer:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A  passing score on a department/agency required entrance exam
  • The successful completion of the employing agency interview process
  • The ability to pass a comprehensive background investigation


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