Law Enforcement

Firearms - Patrol Rifle Instructor

May 10 2021 - May 14 2021


The Patrol Rifle Instructor Course is a five day PSP/CPT credit course dealing with hostile suspect encounters. Once completed, students will have teaching techniques that are realistic to actual encounters. In Patrol Rifle we will cover, train, and prepare instructors to take techniques back to their agencies that are proven reliable; that take into account human reaction times and fighting in the reactionary gap. Student Instructors will learn to use OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decision, and Action) that is prevalent in every deadly force encounter and how to impart that knowledge to their students through various drills and scenarios. Students will be moving forward, backward, laterally, and at oblique angles to get off the line of attack. Quick yet smooth movement will be emphasized and reinforced to get the rifle into the fight quickly. One- and two-officer drills will teach partner communication, proper combat follow through techniques, contact/cover positioning and enhancing the winning mindset to prepare officers for these encounters.

SBRPSTC will provide student instructors with a course workbook outlining different techniques, courses of fire, and suggestions for taking this training back to their own agency. We will provide the student instructors with a course outline of our lesson plan which they can build on to customize the training to their environments; whether they work in a rural or urban area, and the various impediments of their every day duty such as uniforms and duty gear. SBRPSTC utilizes the Coach/Shooter training format to keep down time to a minimum and to enhance the student instructors teaching capabilities. This class is kept to a maximum of twenty-four students working in two relays of twelve on the line at a time to insure safety and to provide hands on training and correction to help the student’s ingrain proper technique and knowledge of the subject matter.

Designed For:

Previously certified Firearms Instructors and agency designated trainers in patrol rifle


1  POST Plan III


California POST Patrol Rifle Instructor

College of Record

Gavilan College

College Term



560 Bailey Ave.
San Jose, CA 95141

Meeting days/times

Monday to Friday - 0800 to 1700


POST Plan III CC# 2540-32112-20-001

Students must bring handgun (200 rds), department approved rifle (800 rds), flashlight, vest, eye and ear protection, cleaning gear.

Late Cancellation Fee

$50.00 for cancellations after 4/23/2021

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All classes require full payment or a designated deposit at time of reservation. We accept Visa and MasterCard (a transaction fee of 2% will apply), cash, money order and cashier’s checks (made payable to SBRPSTC). Agency billing may also be arranged. Financial aid and VA benefits may be available.

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Students who have not lived in California for at least one (1) year and (1) day prior to start of college semester or do not meet other college criteria may be considered “out-of-state” students, and subject to additional fees to the ones listed above. Please check with our staff for details and exact costs.


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Cancellation/Refund Policy

All classes require full payment due by or before the first day of class. Out of consideration for people who are on a waiting list, your reservation must be cancelled no later than 30 days prior to first day of class. After the 30-day cancellation period, students/agencies will forfeit a minimum of $50 for materials expenses associated with unexcused cancellations. Substitutions or transfer of your reservation to another student is permitted upon approval.

Course Cancellation by South Bay

Each class has a minimum enrollment requirement. If the minimum enrollment is not reach for the course three weeks prior to the beginning of the class, the class may be cancelled and any deposits/payments will be refunded in full.

College Application Process

This program is presented through the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium of Community Colleges (SBRPSTC), which includes Gavilan College, Monterey Peninsula College, Ohlone College, Hartnell College, Lake Tahoe Community College, College of San Mateo, and Cabrillo College.

Only courses and programs presented for college credit will be funded, transcripted and certified through one of the above accredited institutions.

Funds generated through this process offset the costs of each course, thereby reducing student fees for the student/agency and allowing us to present more courses. Consequently, we require all students taking one of our college-based courses to apply to the designated college using OpenCCC, the online college application system by which the majority of community colleges collects registration and transcription information.

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