Fire Professional Firefighter Training Program: Part 2 (Pro FF Training, P2)

Oct 6 2020 - May 14 2021


This course builds on the outcomes achieved in FIR 162A and is designed to further update, improve, and assess the professional skills required by municipal and wildland firefighters. Topics covered include analysis of pre-incident situations, electronic reporting procedures, determining target hazards, water related emergencies, first responder operations, high angle rescue, and engine company operations. All hours are TBA and focus on achieving the stated student learning outcomes to meet the mandated training requirements put forth by Cal OSHA and the California State Fire Marshal’s Office, State Board of Fire Services.
Prerequisite: Firefighter I certification through the California State Fire Marshal’s Office, State Board of Fire Services or equivalent training through an accredited fire academy or wildland fire training program. This course requires handling live fires and other hazardous conditions. Interested students who are not currently employed as a firefighter should contact the instructor of record for an equivalency evaluation.


College of Record

Lake Tahoe Community College

College Term


Meeting days/times

Various training days throughout the year

Fremont Fire Department
3300 Capitol Ave., Building A
Fremont, CA 94538

For more information, contact:
Nicole Lara
(408) 229-4299