Law Enforcement

Radar Operator & Lidar Operator Courses

Apr 10 2017 - Apr 13 2017


This course is designed to instruct students in the operation of police RADAR/LIDAR devices. The course will provide the student with the history, theory, principles, and laws relating to RADAR/LIDAR operations and will include outdoor practical exercises. The course is intended to provide the necessary expertise to properly testify in court on RADAR/LIDAR operations and meets the requirements under CVC Section 40802(c.)(1)(A) and/or (B) regarding RADAR/LIDAR training requirements.

NOTE: If you desire only LIDAR training, you can register for and need only attend the last day of instruction (Prerequisite: previous completion of the 24 hour RADAR course). You will receive LIDAR POST certification only (no college credit).

Designed For

Open to all public safety personnel.


Students are required to bring their department RADAR and/or LIDAR unit and a scientific calculator, if possible. LIDAR ONLY requires prior completion of a 24 hour RADAR course.


32.0 Hour(s)


0.50 Semester Unit(s)


Certificate awarded upon completion.



South San Franciso PD
33 Arroyo Dr C,
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Contact Adam Plank at (650) 877-5982

SBRPSTC Coordinator:
Joy Booker for more information: 408-229-4299

Meeting days/times

Monday - Thursday