Law Enforcement

CIT Academy

May 15 2017 - May 18 2017


CIT trained law enforcement officers are able to de-escalate potentially violent situations and ensure the safety and diversion of the mental health consumer to a treatment center. CIT trains law enforcement officers to become more adept at dealing with mental health consumers, and developmentally disabled individuals in crisis. CIT is useful in domestic violence cases and in contacts with youth, elderly citizens, and people of diverse backgrounds.


CIT training includes identification of the more common types of mental illness, skills for de-escalation of potentially violent situations, assessment of medication information, specifics on suicide intervention and a mental health system overview. This training greatly enhances the provision of services to mentally ill members of the community as well as citizens who are in crisis, e.g. victims of crime, tragic accidents, etc.

Designed For

Police officers


24 total hours


0.5 unit


POST Plan IV 2460-20801


San Jose Police Department Training Center Substation
6087 Great Oaks Parkway
San Jose, CA 95119

To register or for more information, contact: Sarah Lucha
Crisis Intervention Training Manager
D: 408.277.4418
C: 925.234.1600

SBRPSC Coordinator: Joy Booker

Meeting days/times

Monday-Thursday 10 hours daily