Law Enforcement

Active Shooter Response Instructor Course

Apr 18 2017 - Apr 21 2017


This course will provide the student with the knowledge and ability to instruct his or her agency personnel in the history, tactics and concepts necessary for law enforcement personnel responding to active shooter, rapid intervention critical incidents. Topics will include history, applicable tactics, instructor and scenario development, range drills, legal aspects and incident management issues. Two days of classroom will be followed by one day of practical application and one day on the range. Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency with the firearm in active shooter related drills, as an instructor during class presentations, and successfully pass a written test. 

Designed For

Open to all student who meet the prerequisites but designed for public safety personnel








POST Certified POST Plan IV


Carlsbad Police Department
2560 Orion Way, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Contact R.K. Miller at (714) 363-1569

SBRPSTC Coordinator:
Joy Booker for more information: 408-229-4299



All classes require full payment or a designated deposit at time of reservation. We accept Visa and MasterCard (a transaction fee of 2% will apply), cash, money order and cashier's check (made payable to SBRPSTC). Agency billing may also be arranged. Financial aid and VA benefits may be available. All fees subject to change.

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