Law Enforcement

Sniper (San Jose)

Aug 15 2017 - Jun 15 2018


Sniper is designed and presented by individual agencies for their employees and other qualified students, in cooperation with The Academy. Pre-requisite requirements apply to the courses or individual topics contained within a course. For additional information regarding Sniper courses, contact the appropriate In-Service Program Coordinator.

The Academy In-Service Law Enforcement Program is designed to assist agencies in keeping personnel current with Continued Professional Training (CPT) and State and POST mandates. South Bay has consistently offered assistance with POST certification of agency presented courses.


38.00 total hour(s)


0.50 unit(s)


College of Record

Gavilan College


San Jose Police Department - MERGE Unit
201 West Mission Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 277-4921

For more information, contact Joy Booker
(408) 229-4228 or at