Adult Correction Officer


The Adult Correction Officer ensures a safe, secure and humane environment for those persons who have been legally incarcerated in local county jails or city jails.

Adult Correction Officers are required to complete an Adult Correction Officer Core course as mandated by the Corrections Standards Authority of the California Board of Corrections.

The Academy presents a Correction Officer Academy that consists of 200 hours of entry level training that meets the mandates of the Corrections Standards Authority. This course is designed and delivered by Corrections Professionals to prepare employed and/or aspiring correctional candidates for the rigors of the position. Curriculum includes: California Criminal Justice System, Professionalism, Ethics, Inmate Classification, Contraband, Booking, Receiving, Releasing, Maintaining Security, Interpersonal Communications, Management and Supervision of Inmates and Assaultive Behavior and Restraint Techniques.

The Academy schedules PC832 Laws of Arrest, PC832 Firearms and Chemical Agents consecutively with the Adult Correction Officer Core course.

For most counties in The Academy’s training region, the following is required for a position as an Adult Correction Officer:


  • A High School diploma (College Units preferred)
  • A passing score on a department/agency required entrance exam
  • The successful completion of the employing agency Interview Process
  • A passing score on The Academy’s WSTB Test for physical agility (see test info and schedule)
  • The ability to pass a comprehensive Background Investigation

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