SB147 AGENCY Basic Police Academy Registration Info/Checklist

APPLYING FOR VA BENEFITS? Click here and choose VA Procedures for CSM. FAFSA, see bottom of page.

Training Manager: Reservations must be made prior to completing any of these instructions or referring recruits to this page. Reservations can only be accepted for your agency by phone at 408/229-4299.

  • Reservations
    • When you call to reserve, we will need to know the name and personal email (at the minimum) of each recruit. If you do not yet have this information, let us know the number of spots you need to reserve. 
    • Finalize billing issues such as training credits, special billing arrangements or special orders for additional equipment or hard copies of training materials.
  • Documentation
    • A letter on agency letterhead is needed to verify that each recruit has and/or is cleared for the following:
      • valid California driver's license
      • clear driving record from the CA Department of Motor Vehicles
      • successfull passing of full physical examination
      • medical insurance coverage through your agency
      • firearm clearance from the Department of Justice
      • type of firearm recruit will be using (see Firearm section below if recruit is bringing a personal firearm)


  • Documentation
    • Apply to MPC College through OpenCCC (this is a multi-step process detailed here); submit the form found in the link as soon as you obtain both ID numbers
    • Basic Academy Cover Sheet
  • Firearm
    • Your Training Manager must provide information on the type of firearm you are bringing to The Academy (on agency letterhead with other clearance items as listed above). If you are bringing a personal firearm, you must submit proof of ownership for your firearm in one of the forms as explained below. 
    • If the personal firearm is a recently purchased one, the receipt from purchase can be submitted for proof of ownership. Otherwise, one of the following forms must be completed, must be notarized, then mailed in, along with the required form fees, to DOJ. Note: DOJ can get backlogged processing these forms; therefore, please email a copy of the signed and notarized form to The Academy prior to sending the original to DOJ.
  • PT Gear/Materials
    • Visit our office at least one month prior to class start date to be fitted for PT gear.

PT fittings can be completed at the San Jose office without an appointment Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm. An appointment is required to try PT gear on at any other Academy location.

  • Certain class materials will be delivered via Dropbox. Hard copy versions can be purchased for an additional fee. Be sure to notify staff immediately to place an order for printed material.
  • Reference items

Financial Aid

Registration and transcripts for this class will be processed through Gavilan College (school code: 001202). To lower your overall class fees, visit the Gavilan College financial aid page to explore options which may be available.

If you plan to apply for any financial aid, including the CA College Promise Grant, inform our front office staff as soon as possible. If you have further questions, please contact our main office.