All positions at The Academy require a completed South Bay Employment Application

Employment Announcement - Academy President / CEO

Employment Opportunity - Academy Fire Program Coordinator

Employment Opportunity City of Capitola Police Officer

Employment Opportunity Town of Colma Police Officer

Employment Announcement - Pacific Grove Police Officer


Employment Announcement - City of Mountain View Dispatcher I / II

University of California, Berkeley - Public Safety Dispatcher

Employment Announcement - West Valley - Mission Community College District - Police Sergeant

Employment Opportunity - California Alcoholic Beverage Control Agent

Employment Opportunity - Lakeport Police Department





































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Send Yourself Through an Academy

You don't have to be hired by an agency before attending one of our academies. If you are a U.S. citizen who can pass the written and physical assessments, you can enroll in one of our academies as an independent student:

  • Our academies are certified by most California Public Safety Agencies and satisfy hiring pre-requisites.
  • Our training earns college credits to satisfy entry requirements.
  • Our four training sites span from Monterey to San Mateo.

For more information, contact us at (408) 229-4299.

 Careers and Employment at The Academy

All positions at The Academy require a completed South Bay Employment Application.

Academy Instructor

The Academy is looking for motivated people to instruct in the Basic Course, the Basic Academy Modular and the Requalification Course. There are several topics available at the Monterey Peninsula College, San Mateo, Evergreen and Gavilan Police Academies.

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Role Player (Hourly Position)

Role Players are hired on an as-needed basis with no set hours (generally evenings). Role players participate in simulated scenarios, staged to give academy recruits practice relating to situations they will encounter in their career as law enforcement employees. Typical "roles" are "drunk and disorderly", "burglary victim," etc. Experience not necessarily required but aptitude is a plus. For more information call (408) 229-4299.

Evaluator (Hourly Position)

Evaluators work varying hours assisting instructors for P.O.S.T. certified classes. Call (408) 229-4299 for more information.